How To Choose The Perfect Women's Designer Perfume

Women's fragrance is an often-overlooked component of an outfit, but the right scent can make you feel confident in any situation. In fact, scent can play an important part in enhancing your mood. Some women love the ritual and romance of a signature scent, for others wearing different scents for different occasions is a subtle but powerful way to express yourself, whether you're feeling cheerful, alluring or classically glamorous. Certain fragrances have naturally calming and relaxing effects that will put your mind at ease all day long, while other combinations might transport you far away by sparking nostalgic memories. Notes of floral, musk or citrus may remind you of your favourite gardens, your childhood home or even an exotic holiday. Plus, wearing perfume is a small indulgence; a way to treat yourself on a daily basis. With just a spritz, you can wrap yourself in luxury wherever you go.

Find The Right Women's Fragrance For You

Choosing a signature scent, like choosing an outfit, is dependent on the occasion. For example, if you're heading to a professional interview or a daytime occasion, look for a women's designer perfume that includes clean notes like cucumber and fleur de sel. When you want to dial up your feminine charm, look for florals like jasmine and rose, and warm, sweet suggestions of vanilla and sandalwood. Fun girls' trips or spontaneous celebrations call for a ladies' perfume that invigorates your spirit – on those occasions, we suggest upbeat, tropical scents such as orange blossom or mango with a hint of spice. Of course, date nights and after-dark occasions require something sultrier; look for blends that include rich amber and musk balanced by delicate florals and not-too-sweet fruits. Whether you want to try a few fragrances or you've found your favourite, our women's gift sets offer sprays as well as travel-friendly rollerballs and lotions so you can always keep your signature scent close at hand.

Feel Fabulous With Michael Kors Women's Perfume

The best perfumes for women are the ones that make you feel like the best version of yourself. So, why not treat yourself to the total package? Indulge in little luxuries that make you feel fabulous any day of the week. While a designer dress will feel instantly glamorous, or maybe you prefer a flowing maxi or an edgy mini, we think the accessories are just as important. A women's leather clutch is the perfect companion when you want to travel light. From micro coin purses to wristlets and pouches, our clutches are a playful way to switch up your colour palette for the season or try a new style. For the finishing touch? Jewellery. Women's gold necklaces add a little sparkle you can hold close to your heart and our selection of matching earrings for women includes studs, hoops and drop styles that will let you add just the right amount of shimmer for any mood.